WebAssembly Native

The Taubyte Virtual Machine offers native support for WebAssembly, setting a new benchmark for module provisioning speed with its pioneering peer-to-peer architecture. But our vision extends far beyond.

Beyond WASI

Introducing 'Orbit'—our sophisticated system tailored to enhance the WebAssembly runtime by enabling features beyond its native capabilities. With Orbit, embedding Large Language Models and diverse advanced functionalities becomes seamless, significantly expanding WebAssembly's utility. This breakthrough paves the way for more efficient operations while incorporating functionalities once considered out of scope, thus elevating WebAssembly to new heights of performance and versatility.

AI Use Case: LLAMA

Orbit streamlines adding complex features to WebAssembly (WASM). It routes host calls to 'satellites'—specialized processes that activate new capabilities. A prime example is the taubyte-llama-satellite, shared openly on GitHub. This satellite encapsulates llama.cpp, orchestrating both requests and models, thus enriching WASM with Large Language Models (LLMs). Such innovation extends what's possible, from leveraging Stable Diffusion for creative generation, accelerating processes with FPGA, to integrating cutting-edge 5G APIs. Orbit equips you with the capabilities needed to push your applications beyond conventional boundaries.

LLAMA Satellite Create your own

16x Faster Than AWS Lambda

We've benchmarked a Taubyte deployment on entry-level servers. Excluding network latency and provisioning time, the combination of network stack handling and Go code execution was 16x faster on Taubyte, primarily due to a more efficient network stack. As Taubyte provisions smaller WebAssembly files, cold start times are dramatically reduced to the realm of milliseconds.

Gateway & Shadow Runtimes

Gateway protocol and shadow runtimes virtually eliminate cold starts by prioritizing hosts with preloaded (shadow) instances and preparing nodes for incoming loads.

Power of Peer to Peer

Using content addressing & a peer-to-peer block exchanage mechanism we outperforms traditional HTTP downloads, speeding up WebAssembly module distribution by 2-3x.