Taubyte is now part of the 5G Open Innovation Lab, we were selected to join the growing ecosystem of business technology leaders.

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CW Technology & Innovation Awards #CWIC2020 James Chapman of Qualcomm announces the Winner of the Best Application of Edge Technology Award: Congratulations to Taubyte.

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Smart Computing by Taubyte

Computing infrastructure and services built at the edge of the network with NoOps to worry about. Focus on writing and shipping awesome features!

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White Paper: Addressing Software Complexity at the Edge

A computing platform that has a “NoOps” automation level can scale to any number of data centers and devices. We call this type of computing platform: “Smart Computing”!

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The first NoOps computing platform!

Simplify your IoT project:

Scattered all over the globe and also in orbit, IoT software development and deployment is extremely complex. Leave that to us! Focus on shipping amazing features.








Function Execution

Runs business logic compiled into Web Assembly. That could be sequential execution or parallel, as well as running on a single node, or distributed on multiple ones.

Message Broker

Enables distributed applications, systems, and services to transparently communicate with each other. Supports Modbus, Fieldbus, MQTT, etc.

Key-Value Database

Stores Key-Value enteries in a dynamically sharded and replicated global database.

NoSQL Database

Stores data in a document-based distributed database. Serverless and dynamically scable, it provides a MongoDB-compatible API.


Stores, replicates, deduplicates, and self-authenticates objects and telemetry data. Distributed throughout our network, it has the ability to collect and make data available at the edge.


Writes and certifies data transactions in an immutuable database. Like all our services, it is serverless and natively ditributed.

Example Use Case | Smart Manufacturing

Increase efficiency by dynamically coordinating human-machine collaboration (Industry 4.0).

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Smart Computing is a distributed computing platform which streamlines running business logic on a global computing infrastructure that extends from data centers to connected devices.

Today's hyper-connectivity is pushing computing away from the Cloud, closer to connected devices, creating a new paradigm called Edge Computing. When solving problems related to response time, bandwidth, and data sovereignty, Edge Computing considerably increases software development and deployment complexity. A computing platform that has a “NoOps” automation level will reduce this complexity. We call this type of computing platform: “Smart Computing”

Automation is great, but the “Dev” part of “DevOps” hints to “lots of custom code”; code that needs considerable changes every time there’s a new requirement on the software side. When addressing scalability, automation is a key solution. However there are many levels of automation. Thanks to DevOps we know that a certain level of automation is possible and holds great benefits. The next level would be to automate the “Dev” in “DevOps” we referred to earlier; we call this level of automation “NoOps” (or NFO).

Smart Computing leverages the advantages of the Edge (low latency, security, privacy, etc) without the struggle of operations. The Cloud, on the other hand, is highly operational and lacks the attributes of the Edge.

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