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Stop sending your data to the Cloud for external processing. With Taubyte, you can process it locally, significantly mitigating the risk of theft or illegal access.

Public safety/infrastructure stakeholders often develop visions for digital terminals and digitalization of infrastructure operations. New Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) like AI, 5G networks, and IoT sensors are in the peak of inflated expectations. First implementations are present within digitalization roadmaps and ICT investments in most advanced infrastructures and/or construction projects around the world.

Collecting data from numerous connected devices requires a better approach to processing and analysis. Taubyte brings these tasks closer to data sources, either enabling execution within devices themselves or outsourcing to local servers and data centers instead of central locations. The concept is to protect the data from threats and hackers’ attacks and reduce the time of data transmission as much as possible.

Recognize and Act on Business Threats

Analyzing data locally at the Edge allows you to act in real time to potential critical situations and threats.

Enhanced Data Privacy and Security

As data from IoT devices can help to identify people, but also infringe on their legal rights, it is important to anonymize private data exiting the locality while securing the original at the Edge.

Processing your Data Locally

Instead of sending your data to the Cloud, processing it locally will significantly mitigate the risk of theft or illegal access.