Oil and gas companies are leveraging just a tiny fraction of the data available to them. While they don’t have issues gathering the data, they lack the resources to properly manage and explore its benefits.

The physical complexities associated with the oil and gas industry have always been common knowledge: from deep wellbores, extensive pipeline networks, complex refining processes, and vastly distributed terminals. Such disparate infrastructure has always been the cause of information lags, silos, and operational inefficiencies.

Smart Computing is the paradigm shift for the oil and gas industry. Leveraging on-site and on-device computing is widely viewed as a game changer, presenting companies in this vertical with the opportunity to achieve end-to-end informational, workforce, and commercial transformations. Although it can be an effective strategy for many industries, there are many facets of the oil and gas sector that make the business case even more compelling. Taubyte, through its Smart Computing platform, is revolutionizing oil and gas industry by reducing software operational complexity.


Companies will compete on how fast they process data, not how fast they collect and store data. Real-time intelligence will reside on the edge.

Workforce Transformation

Digital technologies will increasingly occupy the front lines for oil and gas workers, challenging the workforce to step up their digital skills.

Commercial Transformation

Oil and gas product transactions and supply chain decisions will have to be more flexible with the ability to act on the availability of more granular information that streams directly from the infrastructure and products themselves.