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Utilizing real-time tracking to gain operational insight over your supply chains is a must. The use of IoT can provide accurate information on freight locations, details about the conditions a product is in as it is being moved or stored, and can help provide security around the data associated with each load.

IoT is making its way into the manufacturing industry, helping manufacturers gather and process data instantly and optimise their supply chain processes. While the move to the Edge might be top of mind for manufacturers now, looking ahead, the integration of 5G will take current capabilities to previously unimaginable heights throughout multiple areas of the supply chain.

Another key problem that can be solved with 5G connectivity is the broad gap between manufacturers and the consumers they serve. With distribution networks and after-sales operations growing increasingly complicated and robust, it becomes difficult for manufacturers to assess consumers’ needs. 5G connectivity will provide manufacturers with far Edge connection between IoT devices and the manufacturer. This, in turn, will provide the manufacturer with valuable data that will give them a better understanding of what consumers want and need. Eventually, 5G will pair with a combination of emerging technologies to fully automate processes across both the near and far Edge, creating a seamless connected ecosystem where massive amounts of data is processed in real time.

Those are millions of devices with software to be managed. At Taubyte, through our Smart Computing platform, we enable you to create and manage software that can scale to large swarms of devices.

Logistics & Supply Chain

Get real-time access to telemetry from sensors monitoring quality of products and services.

Tracking and Security

Process sensor telemetry at the Edge enhancing security and accuracy while reducing data loss.

Connected Fleets

Simplify management and software deployment for large swarms of sensors in the infrastructure and supply chain.