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Smart farming is all about collecting the right data and using it to optimize your resource planning and operation. Artificial vision technologies using AI are making waves in the agriculture sector just like they are in any other. Smart Agriculture is a major use case for vision-based automation and data analytics applications, driven by drones and vision-based harvesting, weeding, and so on.

Edge Computing has already begun to make its mark on a variety of different industries across the planet. From manufacturing and distribution to healthcare and retail services, there seems to be few places left in which the presence of some form of proximity or on-device computing cannot be felt. One of the areas in which this form of computing is beginning to transform the landscape is farming and agriculture.

As we move into an age in which technology is becoming increasingly interconnected with both our infrastructure and our work and personal lives, there are various reasons for the adoption of Edge Computing, automation, and artificial intelligence technologies. When you consider some of the challenges we face today, and those we will face in the near future, leveraging computing capabilities such as these technologies in farming and agriculture makes perfect sense.

Deploying Edge Computing capabilities using on-permises industrial computers allows for in-time automated responses, and also on-site quick access to graphic-heavy data and analytics. Our Smart Computing platform enables easy creation and management of business logic at the Edge.

Monitor Agriculture Operations

Create monitoring dashboards that work both remotely and locally without any code changes.

Networks of Sensors

Instantly connect large numbers of sporadically-placed sensors through a secure peer-to-peer network, eliminating the need of complex network configurations and VPNs.

Smart Data Collection

Take advantage of a telemetry service that automatically collects, deduplicates, stores, and replicates your agro-environmental data.