L o a d i n g

One Binary & One Deployment Step!

Deployment accross devices, Clouds and/or Data Centers can't be Easier

One Binary

The `one binary no dependency` model is a way to package and distribute software where everything the application needs to run is bundled into one single file, making it easy to run it on any system without having to install any additional libraries or dependencies. It's great for deploying in cloud environments and makes updates and maintenance a breeze.

One Step

Deploy accross the Edge Spectrum! The different locations and devices that exist between the traditional centralized cloud and end-user devices, such as on-premises data centers, edge data centers, and smaller devices like gateways and industrial IoT devices, never been as easy to deploy into.


When we say `NoOps`, we really mean it!

One Binary

Bundled as a single executable file, with all its dependencies included, Odo can be run on any system, without the need to install any additional libraries or packages.

One step deployment

Spore Drive enables one-step deployment of Odo, automating all necessary steps, from pushing updated bundles, configuring the environment and deploying.


Whether it is x86, ARM or any other popular architecture, Odo is compatible with different types of hardware platforms & processors


Not just hardware, Odo can run on bare-metal, VMs or containers with any flavor of Linux, Windows or MacOs.

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