Where software scales globally at the Edge!

Build and deploy Edge-native applications with Smart Computing by Taubyte. Smart Computing reduces to writing functions in your favorite language; simply write your code and push it to Git. It's that simple!


Serverless Compute

Run infrastructure and hardware agnostic code that scales horizontally across the globe.


Global Pub-Sub

Build Applications that scale using our distributed pub-sub service. Or plug-in existing message based applications to enable global scale!


Distributed State

Using our Key/Value distribute database, build offline-capable stateful software that does not require a central source of truth.


Distributed Storage

Powerful API-based storage backend especially designed for the Edge: Versioned, Works offline, CDN-native and secured by a ledger.

Let's build distributed software

Building software for the Metaverse, Web3.0 or any Edge Computing usecase is complex and hard to scale. Not anymore! At Taubyte we let you focus on your code while we take care of scaling and the underlying networking complexities though our Serverless Platform as a Service.