Taubyte empowers you to construct fully-featured cloud computing platforms that excel in both performance and developer experience (DX), surpassing market-leading serverless and CDN options.


A complete git-powered hosting service designed for fast, secure, and reliable static rendered apps that effortlessly scale both vertically and horizontally, supporting modern web frameworks like React, Angular, Vue, Next.js, Gatsby, Hugo, Jekyll, and more. This component enables your users to build and run high-performance web applications at a global scale without the need for servers, DevOps, or costly infrastructure management, eliminating the need to set up, configure, or manage any infrastructure.

Content Delivery

A significant shift in content delivery, leveraging content addressing, deduplication, and peer-based block swapping for unmatched efficiency. Content addressing streamlines data retrieval, enhancing management and accessibility, while deduplication reduces redundant data storage, optimizing resource use. Peer-based block swapping accelerates content distribution through a network of peers, ensuring faster and more reliable data transfer.

Edge-Native Name Resolution

A DNS service that redefines load balancing by autonomously returning IPs or servers nearest to the request origin. Fully autonomous, it not only accelerates DNS requests but also boasts a fully distributed architecture, ensuring high reliability. Designed to be deployed globally, it caters to worldwide users, offering swift and efficient name resolution. This advanced approach to DNS management is ideal for applications that demand speed, reliability, and global reach, enhancing overall user connectivity and access.

Load Balancing

Autonomous load management: At the DNS level, it swiftly identifies and directs to available load-balancers. Advancing further, the HTTP load balancing meticulously manages a server pool, inclusive of private networks, and aligns requests using real-time resource scoring. This autonomous and configuration-free approach simplifies network traffic distribution, freeing developers from the complexities of setting up API gateways or load balancers. It empowers them to concentrate on crafting exceptional software, assured of its ability to scale globally and handle high demand effortlessly.

Data at Planet-Scale

Built with Conflict-Free Replicated Data Types (CRDT) at its core, allows you to provide a resilient, edge-native data experience. This innovative approach ensures seamless data synchronization and collaboration across distributed systems, enabling your users to enjoy a robust and decentralized data management system. Ideal choice for applications demanding high availability and real-time updates, enhancing user experience with efficient and reliable data handling.

Serverless Computing

Deliver an unparalleled serverless experience to your users with our solution, designed for near-instant cold starts and rapid Edge provisioning. Outperforming AWS Lambda by 16x, it integrates advanced caching and supports protocols like HTTP and Pub-Sub. This empowers your users to deploy scalable, high-performance applications more efficiently, streamlining their development process by minimizing server management and DevOps complexities.

Databases & Storage

Efficient edge-native K/V databases and Versionable Object Storage, provisioned close to computing & the end-user for optimal performance. A great alternative to cache databases like Redis, or equivalent managed solutions like elasticache, and to S3 on the storage side. Both resource types allocation can be done using regular expression to match most sharding requirements. Leveraging CRDT technology, it ensures resilience and data integrity while autonomously handling replication and deduplication, making it ideal for high-availability applications with real-time data needs.


Advanced pub-sub mechanism that scales autonomously across the cloud for real-time message delivery. Integrated seamlessly with WebSockets and MQTT, it's also an efficient trigger for serverless computing. Configurable with regular expression matchers for segmentation or isolation, it features auto-discovery and recovery for enhanced resilience, making it ideal for real-time, event-driven applications. Now developers can build high performance collaborative applications, games, and more, without relying on a third party service.