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curl https://get.tau.link/tau | sh


tau config generate -n mycould.xyz -s compute --ip A.B.C.D --dv --swarm


tau start -s compute

Autonomous Self Operating Self Healing Developer Ready

Deploy on your own hardware

And on your favorite Cloud Platform and bare-metal provider!

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Embrace Edge-Native

At Taubyte, we're pioneering the Edge-native cloud paradigm. Our autonomous cloud technology intelligently routes requests, optimizes asset caching, and ensures unparalleled user experiences. Experience the pinnacle of cloud innovation with Taubyte, where every interaction is optimized for the Edge, bringing you closer to your users than ever before.

Horizontal Scaling

Forming an overlay mesh network and leveraging distributed protocols like DHTs and CRDTs, these platforms effortlessly extend across diverse hardware and operating systems. This approach ensures unmatched scalability and resilience, guaranteeing efficient performance and reliability on a global scale.

Caching & Computing

Utilizing block exchange with peers, hash addressing, and deduplication, our system offers robust caching capabilities at the edge. Enhanced by WebAssembly, our serverless functions spawn in milliseconds, achieving near-zero cold start times for optimal performance.

Git: The Definitive Source of Truth

Bid farewell to the cumbersome and opaque infrastructure API calls. Taubyte revolutionizes cloud building with Git at its core, ensuring a transparent, auditable, and streamlined process.

Web Console

Tailored for ease and customization, our Web Console is not just a UI alternative; it's a leap forward. It offers a user-friendly experience that will help you outshine the likes of Fastly, Cloudflare, Netlify, and Vercel. With Taubyte, you get the best of both worlds: the robustness of GitOps and the simplicity of a customizable web interface. This dual approach caters to the diverse needs of software developers, ensuring a smoother, more efficient cloud computing experience.

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Elegant CLI

For users who thrive in the shell environment, the tau command line is a delight. It's user-friendly, seamlessly scriptable, and effortlessly integrates into any Go-based automation project, enhancing the overall user experience.

Github Documentation

# install with npm


npm i @taubyte/tau

# or self extracting script


curl get.tau.link/cli | sh

# create a project


tau new project -n hello-world

# create a function


tau new function --lang Go|Rust --template ping_pong

# deploy


tau push project

Dreamland - Seamless Local Development

Dreamland empowers developers to effortlessly create a comprehensive cloud environment locally or in a devcontainer, ensuring a reliable and confident development process. Additionally, with libdream, they can construct thorough end-to-end tests, guaranteeing seamless functionality upon deployment.


npm i @taubyte/dream


dream new multiverse


npm i @taubyte/dream


dream new multiverse

Unmatched Developer Experience

Clouds crafted using Taubyte technology redefine the developer experience by providing a comprehensive suite of tools. Central to this is its core Git interface, complemented by powerful abstractions. These features empower developers to rapidly create remarkable, planet-scale applications with ease and efficiency.