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According to a 2016 report on Industry 4.0 by BDO, the global accountancy firm, “The next industrial revolution is being defined by one thing: cost.”

We’re in the midst of a significant transformation regarding the way we produce products, thanks to the digitization of manufacturing. This transition is so compelling that it is being called Industry 4.0 to represent the fourth revolution that has occurred in manufacturing. From the first industrial revolution (mechanization through water and steam power) to the mass production and assembly lines using electricity in the second, the fourth industrial revolution will take what was started in the third with the adoption of computers and automation, and enhance it with smart and autonomous systems fueled by data and machine learning.

What is clear is that companies embracing Industry 4.0 will be able to unlock immense savings through increased automation, agility, and resilience.

At the same time, however, Industry 4.0 can prove problematic for enterprises expecting to export all sensor data to the Cloud. Such companies could face challenges in terms of IT security, high cost, innovation capability, system integration, and network latency. To ensure your Industry 4.0 initiatives stand the best chance of success, it is important to leverage the far Edge enabled by Smart Computing.

We can help your business embrace real-time processing and smart data collection by triggering local actions with ultra-low latency.

Human-machine Collaboration

Increase efficiency by dynamically coordinating human-machine collaboration (Industry 4.0).

Data Processing

Process high volume of data locally to reduce latency, and serve as an aggregation point for collecting IoT data.

Speed Manufacturing

Enhance the efficiency, speed, and quality of manufacturing process. Enable flexibility in configuring IoT-enabled equipment.

Predictive Maintenance

Utilizing IoT to monitor the condition of machinery can help manufacturers lower costs, maximize output, and improve the quality of their product.