Our Cloud Technology is Built on Three Fundamental Pillars

Open Protocols

Unlike existing Clouds implementation, Taubyte-based Clouds are defined by Open Protocols, which makes them future-proof, interoperable and open (no vendor lock-in).


One of the major issues with Clouds is security. Acting as an immune system that kicks out compromised nodes, our Cloud technology implements verifiability on three levels: Identity, Data & Integrity.


Built with Edge Computing in mind, Taubyte Cloud Technology can scale accross the edge spectrum from Servers to IoT Devices and dynamically orchestrate resources accross the network.


Building the Future of Cloud Computing

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Merged Pull Requests

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Cloud Resource Types

Q1 2020
Q2 2020
Networking & Protocols Layer
Q3 2020
Implements the Basic Protocols
Q4 2020
WebAssembly Virtual Machine (TVM)
Q1 2021
Configuration Specs and Parsers
Q2-Q3 2021
User Interface
Q4-Q1 2021
Protocols implementation
Q2 2022
TVM Plugins & go-sdk
Q3 2022
Launched Sandbox on console.taubyte.com
Q4 2022
Deployment & Observability tools
Q1 2023
WebAssembly: Add support for more languages
Q2 2023
Support for Containers & VMs
Q3 2023
Opensourcing Core
Q4 2023
Blockchain Substrate & 5G Support

Running on our Sandbox Cloud Deployment.

Cloud Networks

Enabling an Open Market
for Cloud Computing.
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Usage on Non-Cloudified Servers


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